Academic Staff

Dr. Richard Cooper

Dr. Eddy Davelaar

Prof. Denis Mareschal

Prof. Michael Thomas


Caspar Addyman: (1) Dynamic systems models of the development of spatial working memory, and (2) Modelling temporal judgments across early development (PostDoc project with Denis Mareschal and Robert French (Dijon))

Anna Fedor: Modelling word retrieval (PostDoc project with Michael Thomas)

PhD Students

Olivia Guest: Modelling semantic impairments following neural damage
Supervisors: Richard Cooper; Eddy Davelaar

Themis Karaminis:
Supervisors: Michael Thomas; Richard Cooper

Nick Rendell:
Supervisors: Eddy Davelaar; Michael Thomas

MSc Students

Hala Alireza: Simulating frontal brain damage in a computational model of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task
Supervisor: Richard Cooper


Nadja Althaus: Using saliency maps to disentangle top-down and bottom-up control of infant eye-movements (Ph.D. Thesis)

Frank Baughman (2004-2005):The role of inhibition in young children's performance on the Tower of London: A computational study (M.Sc. project)

Robert Leech (2000-2004): A connectionist account of the develpoment of analogical reasoning (Ph.D. thesis)

Harry Purser (2006-2009): Using synthetic imaging to explore neural network representations (PostDoc project with Denis Mareschal and Michael Thomas)

Nicolas Ruh (2003-2007): Acquisition and control of routine sequential activities: Modelling and empirical studies (Ph.D. thesis)

Sylvian Sirois (2000-2002): A Neurocomputational model of infant habitutation (PostDoc project with Denis Mareschal)

Gert Westermann: Dual memory models of early categorisation (PostDoc project with Denis Mareschal)

Pete Yule (1996-2002): Development of the COGENT graphical cognitive modelling environment (PostDoc project with Richard Cooper)